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Starting a NEW Project Album! | Capturing the Things I Love

Like the hit song from The Sound of Music, "these are a few of my favorite things"! I thought it was high time I took on a new challenge in my memory keeping corner. Do I need another project? No. But will this one be fun? Definitely!

The idea behind my new project is discussed in my video, but to put it shortly. I want to do a better job at capturing more of what makes up my life. Most of these little things I love are smaller pieces of a much bigger picture, but still worthy of their own album. Watch as I explain some examples of what might go in my new album in my video below!

My main aim for this project is to help me become better at storytelling. Focusing on things I love will aid me in being able to talk about them in-depth. Whether it is Space Mountain, my favorite blanket, or my comfort movie - there's a lot of reason behind these simple things in life. And sometimes the simple things in life are really telling of a person.

While the items I capture in my main scrapbooks are important like birthday celebrations, vacations, milestones, there's a lot of little bits that make life full! I hope you find this new project fun or even inspiring to try it out on your own! Here are some more of my ideas that I may include in this album:

  • My ice cream go-tos

  • My closet

  • My self-care routine

  • The small details

  • Fave shoes

  • My favorite views in my town

  • What I love about theme parks

  • Books that inspire me

  • My music throwbacks

Whether you have an album documenting a similar theme of things you love or little moments of life, or you are wanting to now start one, I hope you enjoyed my start for my project! Capturing your story on paper is important! Even the little stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!



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