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You Are Magic - 12x12 Multi-Photo Layout Process | HTKAKWS

This layout may easily be one of my all-time favorites from this kit and we aren't even halfway through the month yet! Five photos on a layout may seem daunting, but it is totally doable! In my process video below, I explain my idea behind choosing one large photo and four smaller photos. Join me later in the blog post to learn more about the story of these photos and my layering process!

This Crate Paper pattern really caught my eye out of my stack of papers in my July 2021 HTKAKWS kit. The blush tone and yellow against the pop of blue and green photos made for an interesting combination.

When it comes to colors, we often try to find something that will go with our photos. This time I also considered what colors go along with the feeling and mood of the story I was trying to tell on this page. Everything you put onto a page can help tell your story a little bit more.

I am not the queen of layering stickers and ephemera by any means, but I think I am getting better at it! You will have to forgive me for some crooked alignment on this layout. I was having so much fun putting it together that it got a bit wonky along the way!

When it comes to layering, a little overlap can make the world of a difference. Layers don't have to be directly on top of each other to give the effect. Slightly offset pieces that are just barely touching can look like a sophisticated layered masterpiece! Take the star in the photo above for example. This element slightly layers with the title sticker, the Saturday sticker, and the puffy star sticker. It is now an interconnected piece for a larger portion of the layout!

This layout captures a lot of joyous moments and I wanted my elements on this page to reflect that. So happy and bright yellows and pinks did the job I think. What do you think of these weird color choices?

I hope you enjoyed this fun five-photo layout! Multi-photo layouts are my faves and I can't wait to experiment with some more unique print sizes soon. Keep up with me over on Instagram to follow along with my printing adventures (and maybe mishaps!).

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